• How to Talk with Your Teen

    As a parent, it can be hard to talk with your teen. Do you often find yourself trying to engage your teen only to find that what was intended to be a civil conversation becomes an all out war? Or, maybe you’re a teen who wants to talk to your parent, but you’re not sure how to approach him or her. Many times, problems can arise when parents and teens aren’t communicating well. We see these “failures in communication” in business, politics, and other areas in life, but learning new communication skills and becoming a better listener can help both parents and teens bridge gaps in understanding.

    It’s important to keep a cool head. Perhaps, you’re angry about something and you want to criticize and yell at your parent or teen. You’ll quickly find that this type of aggressive approach doesn’t work and will only add fuel to the fire. How many times have you approached your teen to criticize them about a chore he or she forgot to do, only for the conversation to end up in door slamming and unnecessary shouting? Or, if you’re a teen and are struggling with an issue and want to talk to your parent find that she or he just doesn’t “get it?” As an experienced psychologist, I have helped many teens and parents become communicators. I created a downloadable PDF to help facilitate conversations and allow both sides to share their feelings and thoughts.

    Using the worksheet, can help parents and teens who are struggling to express themselves learn to talk to one another in a constructive way to achieve better results. Simply download the worksheet provided in the link below and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to answer a series of questions and to circle adjectives that describe what you’re feeling when talking to your teen or parent.

    Worksheet: How to Talk with Your Teen 

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