Previous Clients

Carol Maxym expertly guided my husband and me through a crisis with our young adult son.  Carol taught us the skills needed to be more effective parents in dealing with my son’s addiction issues. Carol laid the groundwork and secured placement for my son in programs that prove to have enormous value in his recovery. Today he is sober, independent and working two jobs. Carol played an integral role in every step. We are so very grateful.

–           Elizabeth T, Rochester NY



Carol guided us to the right therapeutic boarding school for our daughter’s needs. Considering the endless number of programs, and the insurmountable difficulties in determining what really goes on inside these places, this was an invaluable service.  After placement, Carol advocated on our daughter’s behalf insuring she received the guidance she needed to turn her life around. Throughout this period, with a mix of pragmatism and kindness, Carol supported my wife and I with a level of understanding that comes only after decades of working with at-risk children and their families.

–           Mort Z. New Jersey


We were at a complete loss as to what to do, but knew we had to do something soon. A friend recommended Carol and I called. Things had “gotten better” and we waited a full year after that initial call-then it was an immediate need for Carol. Within a few days she intervened for us. We have never completely given control over any situation to one person, but we did with Carol. It was very hard but absolutely the best thing we ever did. Everything she told us to do seemed so odd and out of our comfort zone but it was always exactly what needed to be done and it worked. It is now 6 years later and our daughter graduated from college with honors, doing very well in her job and is engaged to be married to a wonderful young man. She is truly my best friend and we are so proud of her and could not have been where we are today had it not been for Carol. I would highly recommend her to any family struggling with their child.

–           Timothy G., Arkansas


We have worked with Carol for over nine months and cannot say enough about how wonderful she is. Carol saves lives. That is how we see her – as someone completely committed to helping families in dire trouble. We were at a very low point of our lives when we contacted Carol to help us with our daughter and ever since that first call we have felt guided in the most professional  – yet personal – way. We value Carol’s extensive experience, her compassion, her to-the-point and action-oriented approach, and her thoroughness. For the longest time before we connected with Carol we felt lost and misguided. Now we know that someone has our back, and our daughter’s, at all times. We trust her judgment, we appreciate her passion and commitment, and we thank her for giving us hope.

–           Hilda K., Toronto


Carol Maxym understood immediately the urgency of our situation, and she presented us with a short-term and long-term solution.  In the midst of the journey, she always understood that our son was a wonderful young man who needed a new direction to discover himself.  She worked wonders.

–           Brian H., NYC


My connection to and relationship with Carol Maxym is threefold: before, during, and after my time in a treatment program.

In the ‘before phase’, I did not know Carol personally as I was a lost soul headed down a path of self-destruction. What I do know is that Carol provided the vital guidance and support to my Mother in helping her find the right solution to steer me toward recovery. Carol helped my Mother navigate the difficult, grueling process of finding a place to send her sick, struggling child, so that he might have a chance to get well.

Carol did not stop at having me placed in the right program. She stayed connected to my Mother and also worked with me in my path to recovery, periodically visiting and running small group and family therapeutic sessions. I’ll never forget one session she ran when I was 18 months into recovery as it was one of the most important moments on my path to healing. She helped me grieve and develop tools to work through a loss I suffered as just a boy. Working through this grief was critical to my recovery and sobriety.

12 years later, after I’ve left the school, graduated university with a Bachelor and Masters degree and am a young adult two years into my career currently as a consultant in finance and accounting, my family is still connected to Carol. She connects parents with struggling teens to my Mother so that they can hear from someone who has been there. I also have connection points with Carol from time to time which are always a joy. The most recent of which was seeking advice on what to do while on vacation in Maui. Carol provided four fantastic recommendations, all of which we did. So look at that, she is still guiding me in some fashion. And without her help before and during recovery, I don’t think I’d be enjoying these fruits of recovery.

I thank you, Carol, for everything.

–           Dave C., Houston TX