Our Methodology

What Makes Us Different:

Dr. Maxym is one of the longest tenured educational consultants in the business. She manages Maxym Consulting with a thoughtful compassion and enthusiasm that has grown from years of being intimately involved in the victories of hundreds of families around the world over dysfunction and turmoil.

We are a boutique educational consulting firm, we do not do volume consulting. We only make referrals to programs based on personal experience and proven quality. We do not take kickbacks from anyone, and we do not give them.

We work on a 6-month contract basis. During that time we do not run the clock. We speak with you as long and as often as necessary. We provide careful and thorough case management. This is too hard to do alone. We will gladly follow you and your child through treatment to a transition home or college.

We return all calls and emails promptly. Based in New York and Hawaii, we are available virtually around the clock. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, and we take a high level of personal and professional investment in each of the families we serve.

Having worked in residential treatment, inpatient and outpatient with multiple populations, as the dean of students at a therapeutic boarding school, having written books and blogs, and having conducted research in the field, we have covered virtually every facet of the treatment world. Our experience is second to none.


Why Maxym Consulting was founded…

While working in a therapeutic boarding school, I learned how valuable a highly qualified education consultant can be. Linking student-to-program, family-to-program, and more importantly, student-to-therapist, is the most essential part of what we do.

Maxym Consulting is not a high volume firm. We work closely with each family and program. We return phone calls and e-mails promptly, even when we are out of the out of the office visiting schools  and programs  across the country. Based in New York and Hawaii, we are available almost around the  clock, from mornings east coast time to evenings Hawaii time, providing you the opportunity to speak  with someone whenever new issues or conflict may arise.

We do more than placement. We are very selective about the schools and programs we refer to. We  maintain high expectations that are based on success with past clients. Once a client is placed in a program or school we closely monitor and assist in the change process. From the very beginning of contact with our clients, we start to develop a concept of the entire treatment process including  treatment outcomes and aftercare.

We know what works and we know where to look for help.

Why work with a professional?

​​Most parents are emotionally overwrought as they make the painful decision that their teen will benefit from being enrolled in a program. ​Most parents are also trying to manage a career, other children, personal relationships, and a whole life.  The time and energy to research programs is lacking. Living with the fear and worry you live with now is not something for which you have prepared yourself. Of course not! That’s where we can help. 

Not only have we worked with many children like yours and parents like you. We know the programs and schools we recommend and know the people who staff them. The right program is determined by a number of factors, but one of the most important is the staff. Knowing who will be working with your child is a crucial part of choosing the right program. We visit the programs we recommend and we know who will be working with your child.

How it feels to send your child away…​​

​It is a very hard to reach a decision to send your child away. It is not an admission of failure to decide that your child and your whole family will be better off if you decide to send him or her away to a program or a specialized school.

Remember: ​Your child was leaving home anyway it’s only a question of the how and when not being quite the way you had planned. You may have to send your child away in order to get him or her back. It can be a very good trade off!

“Ok” you say “I’ve made the decision, but how do I get my child to agree to enter one of these programs?”

What if your child won’t go to the program or refuses to stay on arrival? 

Although that problem may seem overwhelming, it is one that we have helped many parents deal with. A strong and decisive stance is the first step. You love your child too much to allow him or her to continue on their current path. There are many strategies we can employ to encourage your child to change his or her life and to agree to treatment. Should he or she refuse altogether or threaten to runaway; we, working as a team, can create the situation that will help them change.

How do you know if it’s time to consider new options for your child?

​If you…

  • realize you have little or no authority with your child
  • ​notice his or her grades dropping suddenly
  • think your child may be involved with drugs or alcohol
  • ​believe your child may be headed for a brush with the law
  • ​realize that your child’s behavior is controlling the family’s life
  • ​feel you just don’t know or understand your child anymore
  • ​say to yourself, “I just can’t live this way anymore!”

​​What are your options?

​What kinds of programs are there?

  • ​In some programs the child continues to live at home, in other’s they do not
  • Some are in the wilderness; almost all are outside urban centers
  •  Some are in locked facilities others are voulntary
  • Some are extremely confrontational, others are not
  • Some are based on a 12-step model
  • ​Some encourage medication while others discourage it
  • ​Some emphasize academics, and others promote emotional growth
  • ​Some are coed, others are single sex

​ There are programs to meet the needs of every teen and family.  Even if your son or daughter is over 18 years old, there are  programs to meet his or her needs. Deciding on a particular  program or school is difficult and a professional can help. Parents  must determine their own goals and set realistic goals for their  child. It is crucial that the child, family and program match. Our job is  to help you work through your questions worries and fears to create  solutions to lift the family out of turmoil.

 Maxym Consulting typically work with families on six month  retainer contracts, although there are times when circumstances  dictate a different set of needs. In such cases we can negotiate  different terms; however we believe it is important to maximize the  value of treatment by helping families navigate the entire treatment process as it is often critical to increase and decrease the level of care as treatment progresses.

If you are considering whether or not we are the right match for your  family, then please feel free to call the number below for a free initial  20 minute consultation.