How We Work


  1. You are in a place you thought you’d never be. The family you have carefully nurtured for so long is receding into despair and dysfunction before your very eyes.
  1. You need someone to guide you with years of experience, intelligence, and compassion. Someone who can be objective about the problems at hand and offer a variety of solutions Someone with decades of professional relationships within the treatment community.
  1. We walk the path with you. We are not in the business of collecting checks and making referrals then ignoring you. We know what it takes to shape lasting change, it is not simple, but it is possible.


Our Approach

One of the oldest and most expert Therapeutic and Educational Consulting firms, Maxym Consulting brings years of experience to the way we individualize our work with you and your family.  We are thoughtful, sophisticated, friendly, and available.  We return phone calls and e-mails promptly.  Always.

We have no formula we follow. We listen first, talk later.  We recognize that parents know their child best.  Our job is to help you to help your child reclaim her/his future, to help you rediscover hope, and to ……………..your family.

Divorced?  We will work with you as divorced parents.  Not certain if your child needs to go away?  We can discuss that to help you to determine whether it is time or not.

We don’t nickel and dime you and we don’t recommend program that do.

Our first job is to help you locate the most appropriate program(s) for your child.  We then help you through the application and admissions process.  We help you figure out the best way to get your child to treatment.  Although many consulting firms stop there, we do not.  That is just the beginning of our work.  We track your child throughout the term of our contract (6-months and always extendable), speaking with his/her therapist on a weekly/biweekly basis.  We are in touch with the academic staff.  We help with planning for transition.  We do not charge for a second or third placement.  We do not run the clock.  We speak as often and as long as you need.

Our many years of experience in psychotherapy, education, and addiction counseling help us to assess your situation quickly and competently.  We then create a plan for your child, for your family.  When we recommend a program and/or a therapist, we will always explain why.

More than 75 years of research into what is the best predictor of success in psychotherapy always leads to the same conclusion:  Therapeutic relationship.  We will always be thinking in terms of therapeutic relationship for your child and for you as we carefully and skillfully select and match your child and your family to a therapist and to a program.

We take each child and each family seriously and personally.  We are not a high-volume agency.  We spend time with you and with programs.  With our East Coast and Hawaii offices, we are available from first thing East Coast time until well into the evening on the East Coast, Midwest, and Pacific Coast.  You don’t need to fit your calls with us into your busy workday.  You can speak with us in the privacy of your home.

We are often on the road because we know we must keep up with programs and therapists.  And, while on the road, we meet with our clients in their programs—and call parents to provide our own eye-on updates.