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​Dr. Carol Maxym

With over two decades of education consulting experience, Dr. Maxym has worked both nationally and internationally with families in turmoil. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Antioch University, Saybrook Institute and has studied at the Jung Institute in Kusnacht, Switzerland.

She holds both an M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is the author of Teens in Turmoil: A Path to Change for Parents, Adolescents, and Their Families.

For many years Dr. Maxym was dean of  students,
 psychotherapist, and teacher in a therapeutic boarding 
school for. Her experience is both hands-on clinical and educational. She works with teens and parents individually, 
in group, and in family sessions.​
“The kids I work with are all good kids: like yours, lost in
a morass of depression, anger, failure, drugs, alcohol,
risk-taking behavior, rationalization, and intimidation. My job
is to help you help them find their way again.”

She knows schools across the country from inside and out. 
Having studied and worked in Europe she is well acquainted with British and continental school systems as well as the American International Schools. Her experience helping​ and strategizing with teens and families to get them all to understand and accept the change process is extensive.

Dr. Maxym has long been a leader and an authority in the field
of therapeutic placement services.


129e50fRobert Schmidt, M.A.​

Robert received his Master of Arts 
degree in Counseling Psychology from Assumption
College in Worcester Massachusetts. He has 
​worked in the field of mental health for the last 
eight years with a variety of populations. Robert has also been in recovery for 10 years and is a former client of Dr. Maxym’s. Robert was raised in a loving family with ample opportunity, yet as a teenager he developed a constellation of destructive behaviors, and dropped out of high school in the senior year. 
Based on the recommendation of a family friend Robert’s parents contacted Dr. Maxym and hired her as an Education Consultant. This began a 19 month treatment process that included four different programs in two different countries. In the time since leaving treatment Robert has used his personal experience to fuel​ his education and career. 
Robert has many friends and acquaintances 
in the recovery and treatment communities and 
brings a unique perspective the families and 
​clients at Maxym Consulting.